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​The Introduction of College

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The  college of Instrumentation and Electrical Engineering, Jilin University  rebuilt in 2005, its predecessor is the Department of Changchun College  of Geology instrument that is established 50 years ago. Since its establishment,  the college always adhere to important thought of "Deng Xiaoping Theory"  and "Three Represents" as guidance, comprehensively implement the scientific concept of development, and build a high-level scientific research and innovation college. Under the leadership of the Party Committee of Jilin University, a series of remarkable achievements have been made in discipline construction, talent cultivation, scientific research, education, social service and management innovation. The college has became an essential basis for  cultivating senior specialists in in the field of instrument science and technology and electrical engineering.

The college has 2 undergraduate majors: Measurement-control Technology and Instrumentation and Electrical Engineering and Automation, 5 academic master degree authorizations: the Test Measurement Technology &  Instrument, the Precision Instrument & Machinery, the Examination  Technology & the Automated Installment, the Electric Power Electron  & the Electron Drive, and Electrical Theory and New Technology. 2 professional master degree authorizations: the Instrument and Meter Engineering, the Electrical Engineering, 1 first-level discipline doctorate authorizations: the Instrument Science and Technology, 3 second-level discipline doctorate authorizations: the Test Measurement  Technology & Instrument(province key discipline), the Precision  Instrument & Machinery, the Examination Technology & the  Automated Installment, 1 post-doctoral research station: Instrument Science and Technology.

Among  them, the Earth Survey Technology and Equipment is an important  research direction of the key disciplines at national level, Geological  Resources and Geological Engineering, and enter in the second stage of  "985 project" and the third stage of "211 project".

After years of development, the college has initially formed a team of teachers and professional and technical staff with young and middle-aged backbone, reasonable age structure and high quality. There are 122 faculty members, including 76 teachers, 31 professors, 39 associate professors, 19 engineering (experimental) technology series, and the proportion of young and middle-aged teachers is over 80%.

The faculty includes 1 academician, 2 dual-appointed academicians, 1 national outstanding teacher, 1 national outstanding youth science fund recipient, 1 Ministry of Education cross-century talent, 2 Ministry of Education new century talents, 1 high-level innovative science and technology talent from the Ministry of Natural Resources, 1 Fifteenth Li Siguang Geoscience Award, 1 provincial and ministerial outstanding teacher, 1 Jilin Province teaching master, 1 Jilin Province 2018 Youth 1 person of Science and Technology Award, 2 senior experts of Jilin Province, 3 young and middle-aged professional and technical talents with outstanding contribution of Jilin Province, 1 person of the first batch of "leading professors of disciplines" in Jilin Province, 1 person of outstanding youth in Jilin Province, 1 person of "May Day" Labor Medal of Changchun City. One member of the teaching committee of instrumentation of the Ministry of Education, and one member of the teaching committee of basic electrical and electronic courses of the Ministry of Education. There are 10 part-time and visiting professors at home and abroad (2 foreigners) and 11 double-appointed professors on campus. The "Teaching Team of Instrument Major Courses and Innovative Practice" was awarded the national excellent teaching team. The team for the research and development of nuclear magnetic resonance water finder won the "11th Five-Year Plan" National Science and Technology Plan Implementation Excellence Team Award. The team of electromagnetic detection instrument and technology application won the 2015 "Jilin Provincial University Innovation Team". The college has a multidisciplinary teaching and research team of instrumentation, electrical, optical, mechanical, geophysical, etc.

After more than 50 years of development, the basic and professional experimental conditions have been improved. The college has Jilin instrumentation and electronics experimental teaching center and student science and technology innovation demonstration base. In recent years, Texas Instruments Jilin University DSP Lab and Taiwan Sunplus MCU Lab have been established.

The college has produced a large number of highly qualified scientific and technical personnel with broad knowledge, innovative practical ability and adaptability from undergraduate to doctoral level. Students have achieved excellent results in the annual undergraduate electronic design competitions. At present, the college enrolls 766 full-time undergraduates, 247 full-time graduate students, 101 professional master students, 59 doctoral students and 20 post-doctoral students.

CIEE consists of National Geophysical Exploration Equipment Engineering Research Center, Key Laboratory of Geophysical Exploration Equipment Ministry of Education of China (Jilin University),  Key Laboratory of Geological Exploration Technology and Instruments, Ministry of Land and Resources, China, Jilin Province Intelligent Engineering and Technology Research Center for Measurement and Control Instruments, and Jilin University Institute of Intelligence Instruments, Measurement and Control Technology and Equipment.

It has formed distinctive research characteristics and solid research capabilities in seismic exploration instruments, time and frequency domain electromagnetic detection equipment, submarine detection equipment, aerial detection equipment, weak magnetic measurement instruments, nuclear magnetic resonance water finding equipment, photoelectric detection equipment, shared technology of large scientific instruments, analytical instruments, etc. The institute has won 5 national awards such as National Invention Award and Science and Technology Award, more than 20 provincial and ministerial Science and Technology Progress Awards, and more than 100 authorized/applied national invention patents." During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the institute has undertaken more than 40 major project topics in national "863" program projects, national major equipment projects and deep exploration special projects, National Natural Science Foundation of China, and national science and technology infrastructure construction, with a total funding of nearly 200 million.

College attaches great importance to the domestic and international academic exchanges and cooperation, and establish a wide range of academic exchanges and cooperation relationship with schools and research institutes of many countries and regions in personnel training, scientific research. We selected experts and scholars go abroad to give lectures each year, to attend international academic conference, to have visiting or further education. In addition, we hired a number of well-known experts and scholars from domestic and abroad as honorary professors, adjunct professor, invited them to give lectures, and received students and visiting scholars to study and work from many countries and regions.

In the wave of modern industrial civilization with the main features ofinformatization, electrification, intelligence, and networking, the College of Instrument Science & Electrical Engineering of Jilin University is determined to seize the opportunity and innovation to meet the challenges, actively play comprehensively interdisciplinary advantages, constantly improve the level of teaching and research, and strive to build a first-class college domestically and prestigious college internationally.

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