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Retirement Ceremony for Professor Gao You and Professor Zhang Bingren was Successfully Held

Editor:杜晓夏    Date: March 17, 2023    ClickTimes:

On March 16th, CIEE held a retirement Ceremony for Prof. Gao You and Prof. Zhang Bingren on their honorable retirement. Dean JI Yanju, Party Secretary QIU Zengkai, Vice Dean LIU Changsheng and some teachers of Electrical Department attended the Ceremony. It was hosted by Zhou Zhijian, deputy director of the electrical department of the college.

During the ceremony, the participants talked about Mr. Gao and Mr. Zhang's dedication, selflessness and enthusiasm in their work, which set an example for the young faculty members of the college.

Party Secretary Qiu Zengkai expressed his thanks and blessings to Mr. Gao You and Mr. Zhang Bingren, congratulated the two teachers for starting a new stage of life, and hoped that they would continue to support the development of the college.

Dean JI Yanju carefully reviewed the heartwarming events of working with Mr. Gao and Mr. Zhang, affirmed the hard work of Mr. Gao and Mr. Zhang to the college for decades and their contributions to the development of education, scientific research of the college, and hoped that Mr. Gao and Mr. Zhang could continue to contribute to the development of the college even after their retirement.

Afterwards, the two teachers delivered their retirement speeches. Mr. Gao You expressed his gratitude to the leaders and colleagues of the college for their support and help in their work, and shared his work and life in the college over the years, feeling proud of having experienced and witnessed the development of the college. Mr. Zhang Bingren also delivered a passionate speech, reviewing his work history in teaching and scientific research in the college, expressing his reluctance to leave his job and his love for the college, saying that he would still care about the college after his retirement and would do his best to support the future development of the college, and wishing the college a new level of career.

Finally, JI Yanju and QIU Zengkai, on behalf of the college, presented the certificate of honorable retirement to Mr. Gao You and Mr. Zhang Bingren, and took a group photo, and the seminar ended in a warm and happy atmosphere.

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