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CIEE Conducts Special Training on Fire Safety Education

Editor:杜晓夏    Date: November 11, 2022    ClickTimes:

In order to further strengthen the awareness of fire safety and do a good job in safety education, CIEE held a special training on fire safety education in the morning of November 11th in the conference room of 208, and invited Tang Xiaobing, head of the Fire Protection Section of the Security Office of Chaoyang Campus, to conduct fire safety education for teachers and students of the College. The responsible persons of fire safety in each laboratory and section of the college and some student representatives attended the education training, which was hosted by Nan Xuliang, vice dean of the college.

Tang Xiaobing explained the types of fires and analyzed the potential safety hazards of various places on campus by combining typical fire cases at home and abroad. The training was rich in content and profound in cases, further enhancing the awareness of fire safety prevention and control and responsibility of our students and faculty.

After the training, the college organized a fire safety drill together with the security office of Chaoyang campus, which further enhanced the resilience of the college teachers and students in dealing with emergencies and achieved a good effect of the drill.

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