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National Geophysical Exploration Equipment Engineering Research Center and Qinghai Provincial Non-ferrous Metal Geological and Minerals Exploration Bureau Held a Symposium on Comprehensive Cooperation and Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Editor:杜晓夏    Date: April 10, 2023    ClickTimes:

On April 6th, Chen Haifu, deputy director of the Bureau of Non-ferrous Geology and Mineral Exploration of Qinghai Province, came to the National Geophysical Exploration Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center of Jilin University, and the two sides had a discussion and exchange on deepening cooperation, with academician Lin Jun, Minister of Geology Department of Jilin University, attending the symposium, Secretary Qiu Zengkai, Dean JI Yanju and Professor Duan Qingming of CIEE attending the meeting, and the meeting was chaired by Prof. Wang Yanzhang, Executive Deputy Director of the Center.

On behalf of CIEE, Prof. JI Yanju expressed her welcome to Deputy Director Chen Haifu and his delegation, and thanked Qinghai Non-ferrous Geological and Mineral Exploration Bureau for their constant care and support to Jilin University. Deputy Director Chen Haifu also thanked Jilin University for its care, support and help to Qinghai Bureau of Non-ferrous Geology and Mineral Exploration over the years. Academician Lin Jun delivered a speech, hoping that both sides would make full use of their respective characteristics and advantages, carry out cooperation and exchange in a wide range of fields, and improve the scientific research capability and the level of results transformation of both sides. Taking the opportunity of the new round of national strategic action for finding and breaking through, the two sides will develop together in deep-searching and scientific and technological research, continuously improve the cooperation mechanism and guarantee measures, build a deep integration development system, and jointly realize the high-quality development of geophysical exploration technology and application in Qinghai Province.

After the meeting, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement on establishment of innovative research bases, scientific and technological innovation, personnel training and project cooperation. The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement will certainly form a new pattern of joint development.

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