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Ministry of Education's Key Laboratories Rated as Outstanding in 2020 Assessment

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Relying on the Key Laboratory of Earth Information Exploration Instruments of the Ministry of Education built by Jilin University, in the five-year operation evaluation of the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education in 2020, it was finally awarded with outstanding results after meeting preliminary evaluations, on-site inspections, comprehensive evaluations, and results announcements.A total of 56 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education in the field of geology participated in this evaluation, and a total of 6 laboratories, including our key laboratory, were rated as outstanding. The university, laboratory and relevant faculties all attached great importance to the assessment work. Under the leadership of the Director of the Key Laboratory, Academician Lin Jun, and with the strong support of the university, all the staff of the laboratory made a lot of thorough and detailed preparations for the assessment report materials, the preliminary assessment/re-assessment director's report and site visits. Academician Lin Jun gave a detailed overview and summary of the work of the Key Laboratory in the past five years. He reported to the expert group from the aspects of laboratory overview, research level and contribution, team building, discipline development and talent cultivation, open communication and operation management, work summary and development planning, etc., which won the unanimous praise of the expert group. During the site visit, the expert group went through the meeting questioning, laboratory visit, review of supporting materials and interviews with laboratory personnel. The achievements of the key laboratory were highly recognized.

Through this evaluation, the Key Laboratory of Earth Information Detection Instruments of the Ministry of Education has achieved the purpose of promoting construction and improvement through evaluation. The laboratory will take a summary of the problems in the operation of the laboratory, study and develop solutions and improvement measures to promote the further development of the laboratory. This evaluation will promote the laboratory to better assist the university's " Double First-Class" construction and better serve the national strategic needs, social development and the revitalization of Northeast China!


Professor Zheng Weitao, Vice-Chancellor, reports on the status of the supporting unit

Academician Lin Jun, Director of the Laboratory, gave a report on the five-year work of the Laboratory

The appraisal team followed the report with great attention


The appraisal team inspects the laboratory

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