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CIEE developed enrollment publicity work in Zhejiang Tonglu Middle School

Editor:    Date: December 8, 2020    ClickTimes:

In order to further implement the requirements of the "Implementation Plan of Jilin University for Strengthening Undergraduate Admissions Publicity", the College of Instrumentation and Electrical Engineering has been actively promoting our propaganda of undergraduate enrollment work in the regular epidemic prevention. Professor Duan Qingming and Zhao Qiang went to Zhejiang Province to actively carry out the related work of offline enrollment publicity.

Zhejiang Tonglu Middle School is a Public full time senior high school under the supervision of Tonglu County Education Bureau, which was recognized as a first-rated key middle school in Zhejiang Province in 2003 and a first-class general high school with special features in Zhejiang Province in 2017. It now has 51 classes, nearly 2,048 students and 218 teaching staff.

From November 24 to 26, Professor Duan Qingming and Teacher Zhao Qiang went to Tonglu County, Hangzhou City to participate in the school's "University Festival" activities invited by Hangzhou Tonglu Middle School. Through a series of activities such as "expert lectures, university promotion, consulting services, high-quality student base signing", students can directly understand the information about Jilin University. At the activity site, Prof. Duan Qingming introduced the characteristics of Jilin University to senior students in detail, explained the advantageous disciplines and specialties of Jilin University one by one, distributed the promotional materials of Jilin University, promoted the WeChat platform and enrollment hotline.

The College of Instrumentation and Electrical Engineering, Jilin University in Zhejiang Province Tonglu Middle School enrollment publicity work carried out successfully, not only to expand the influence of Jilin University in Zhejiang Province, but also to lay a good foundation for the enrollment work in 2021.

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