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Research team achieves remarkable results in superconducting electromagnetic detection in Cuihong Mountain polymetallic mine area in Xunke County, Heilongjiang Provionce

Editor:杜晓夏    Date: August 30, 2022    ClickTimes:

Recently, our time-domain electromagnetic detection team achieved remarkable results in the high-temperature superconducting electromagnetic detection experiments in the polymetallic mining area of Cuihong Mountain, Sunke County, Heilongjiang Province, in the hinterland of the Xiaoxinganling Forest Region, using the self-developed high-temperature superconducting time-domain electromagnetic detection system, and achieved stable detection with long offset distance during the 8-day field experiment, breaking through the complex electromagnetic environment, such as superconducting loss of lock and baseline drift. After completing all field work as well as detection quality, the team returned to Changchun smoothly from Xunke County, Heilongjiang.

As the national economy continues to develop steadily and with high quality, the national demand for scarce mineral resources and green energy is growing rapidly. Acquiring induction and polarization information of underground multiphase media with high precision is one of the important means to achieve quantitative and refined resource detection. Based on the key project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Professor JI Yanju, Senior Engineer LI Dongsheng, Postdoctoral Fellow GAO Quanming and PhD students went to Cuihong Mountain lead-zinc mine, which is deeply buried and extremely difficult to mine, to conduct experimental exploration with self-developed 200kW high-power electrical source transmitting system and superconducting quantum interferometer (SQUID) based receiving system, and test and evaluate the effectiveness of different electromagnetic shielding strategies against the complex electromagnetic environment interference in the field. The test was conducted to evaluate the electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of different electromagnetic shielding strategies and to achieve effective detection in the complex environment of surface hydrology. At the invitation of Cuihong Mountain Mining Company Limited, Professor JI Yanju gave an academic exchange report to the main person in charge of the company. In order to complete the experimental task safely, smoothly and with high quality, the team members trekked through mountains and water every day, and overcame unfavorable factors such as hail weather and rugged terrain during the trip, and after a hard battle, the detection results provided valuable physical data for field data extraction of conductivity, polarization rate and other multi-parameters.

The successful application of domestic high-temperature superconducting time-domain electromagnetic detection system in Cuihong Mountain polymetallic mine in Sunke County, Heilongjiang Province, provides a new technical system for electromagnetic detection of extreme complexity and large depth with high accuracy in China, and will definitely realize digital detection in the process of exploring deep resources in complex terrain areas, break through the bottleneck of detection accuracy and depth of time-domain electromagnetic method, and create higher social value.

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