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Teachers of CIEE

Teachers of CIEE

There  is a reasonable teachers team in the college. Up to now, there are 14  professors, 14 associated professors and 21 lectures. The number of the  teachers under 40(including 40) years old is 30. There is a group of  teachers who have studied abroad. There are some subject leaders and  academic communities who are famous around the world, such as national  outstanding teachers, national geology and mining system advanced  workers, excellent experts of    Jilin  Province  , excellent instructors of National Undergraduate Electronic Design  Contest and so on. Each teacher works hard for the development of CIEE.




Name                                                   Tel                                             E-mail

Lin Jun                                       +86-431-88502473                      lin_jun@jlu.edu.cn

Cheng Defu                                +86-431-88502087                      chengdefu@jlu.edu.cn

Tian Di                                      +86-431-88502053                       tiandi@jlu.edu.cn

Liu Guangda                                                                                 gdliu@jlu.edu.cn

Wang Zhongren                                                                             wzr@jlu.edu.cn

Li Ye                                                                                            Lye@jlu.edu.cn

Qiu Chunling                              +86-431-88502053                     qiuchunling@jlu.edu.cn

Wang Jun                                  +86-431-88502071                      wangjun@jlu.edu.cn

Chen Zubin                                +86-431-88502054                      czb@jlu.edu.cn

Wang Zhihong                                                                             zhwang@jlu.edu.cn

Yu Shengbao                             +86-431-88502063                      yushengbao@jlu.edu.cn

Wang Yingji                                                                         wangyingji@email.jlu.edu.cn

Zhang Bingren                                                                                   zbr@jlu.edu.cn

Duan Qingming                         +86-431-88502792                      duanqm@jlu.edu.cn



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