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Education Departments of CIEE

Department of Instrument Science and Technology

The department of Instrument Science and Technology which is the earliest base of the research on geophysical instruments was found in 1959. Pro. Zeng Xiaozhen who is National People‘s Congress and Deputy Director of Jilin Provincial People‘s Congress is the founder of the research on national geophysical instruments. These years the department has achieved in the field of the geophysical detection technology and the research on measurement and control instruments. It has a national leading position and plays a important role in the international field.

Department of Electrical Engineering

The department of Electrical Engineering is the electric information engineering subject. It began to accept the undergraduate. Now there are two master subjects, Power Electronics & Electric Drives and Electrical Theory and New Technology. The department is based on the key laboratory of the Education Department in which there are 16 teachers of the subject, including 4 professors, 1 doctoral tutor,  5 vice professors and so on.

Department of Experimental Center

The Experimental Center is attached to College of Instrumentation and Electrical Engineering. There is a DSP Lab built with TI Company, a MCU Lab built with Tai Wan Ling Yang Technology Company, a EMC/EMI Lab built with Technology Company of . There are also 15 labs such as electronic, analog electronics, digital electronics, EDA, CPLD, intelligent instrument, virtual instruments,  electronic measurement and so on.

Department of Subject Based Teaching and Research Center

The department is established in 2009, its main duties are as follows:

First, carry out the construction and reform of the basic main subjects;  Develop the plains of curriculum; Define the course contents and revised syllabus. The main course of both disciplines include: Digital circuit and logic designCircuit analysisAnalog electronicsSignal and systemContinuous and discrete control systemsMicrocomputer principle and interface technologyMCU technology and application and so on.

Second, develop the plains of experimental projectshelp the Experimental Center implement the equipments.

Third, organize the training of the electronic design contestcarry out the construction of the students scientific and technological innovation base and “the plain of six Ones”.

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